Sometimes, despite not being a mathematician, nor having slept at a Holiday Inn Express, I do like to geek out on numbers. Today is one of those days. It is Bonza Bottler day (where the day and the month are the same digit), but it is also just a wonderful day for two (or is… Continue reading Two

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The DIE is Cast

Virginia is making progress. Governor Youngkin inherited, as part of the state bureaucracy, a department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. He’s already renamed it to remove equity and replace it with opportunity, so that’s a step in the right direction. However, it’s going to take more than changes within a single state’s bureaucracy to roll… Continue reading The DIE is Cast

Burlap for the Win

Lancaster, IN — Dr. Lars Andersen announced that the 17-year study on clothing and beauty which he has conducted amongst the rural population of the surrounding counties has come to several conclusions, some more surprising than others. “I didn’t think that burlap was going to be the overwhelming choice when we began this study. I… Continue reading Burlap for the Win

Don’t Decimate Me, Bro

Yes, I understand that language is always changing. Yes, I understand that the English-speaking nations do not have the equivalent of l’Académie française. Nevertheless, I take umbrage at certain terms for which meaning has been literally turned on its head. Decimate is one of those terms. It comes from the lovely practice of the Roman… Continue reading Don’t Decimate Me, Bro

By the Sweat

After the Fall, God said that Adam (man) would live by the sweat of his brow. This would seem to indicate that he’d not done so prior to the fall. But, now that sin had entered the world, Adam’s life would depend on his work. Since then, our lives have been inextricably linked to the… Continue reading By the Sweat

Headed Back to 1980?

I was probably rocking a pair of bell bottom jeans at the time, but I recall prices increasing for many things while a number of folks (including my father) were unable to find regular work. A dollar in 1980 was the equivalent of $3.40 today. 16-oz sodas in glass bottles were a quarter (and we… Continue reading Headed Back to 1980?

The Skinny on COVID-19

I’ve been grateful for the work of the Healthy Skeptic for the last several months (or maybe even a year now). He brings unblinking analysis and a desire for truth to a space which could use both. A couple days ago, he published the best breakdown I’ve recently come across with reference to where we… Continue reading The Skinny on COVID-19

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