Sometimes, despite not being a mathematician, nor having slept at a Holiday Inn Express, I do like to geek out on numbers.

Today is one of those days. It is Bonza Bottler day (where the day and the month are the same digit), but it is also just a wonderful day for two (or is that “twos”?). Either way, it’s pretty cool.

2 for the day, 2 for the month, 22 for the year and another 2 for the thousands. We won’t have another such wonderful day until February 2, 2200 (with February 2, 2222 being absolutely marvelous). I’m not planning to be around for either of those, however, so I’m going to enjoy this one.

Forget the Washington Commanders, go Two!

Update: Number one son noted that February 20 and 22 (in about two weeks) will also be twoly special. So much for posting late in the day . . .

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