The Skinny on COVID-19

I’ve been grateful for the work of the Healthy Skeptic for the last several months (or maybe even a year now). He brings unblinking analysis and a desire for truth to a space which could use both. A couple days ago, he published the best breakdown I’ve recently come across with reference to where we currently stand. One would hope that such information will continue to spread as more people become fed up with the lack of truth which accompanies almost any news or commentary on Covid-19 from the mainstream press.

One of the statements which particularly struck me from the piece linked above is as follows:

We are making people anxious for nothing.  And now we are calling even more hospitalizations and deaths CV-19 ones because lots of people are just incidentally positive for the virus.

And there we have it. I think that making people anxious is considered a feature by many, and not a bug. Anxious people used to look to God for answers. Today, anxious people look to government (which has largely replaced God) for the same.

Read the whole thing.

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