In the Beginning . . .

This is a new beginning for me. I first started blogging some 18 years ago and did so consistently for about 12 years. Then, a change in personal and family priorities took me away from blogging. I’ll admit to getting a bit burnt out last time round, but I’ll also admit to being rather limited in my choice of subject matter to blog. This time, I’m going to open things up a bit.

I’m interested in many topics, including law, religion, politics, language, literature, education, and history. I do realize that there’s more than a little overlap in several of the above, but I’m not so much interested in categories as I am in truth.

The truth can be difficult to come by these days. If we are to be honest, though, that’s been a struggle throughout history.

While the author of the following is not known for certain, the sentiment is clear:

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

Anonymous (some say Mark Twain)

As an aside, I believe the continuing fascination that we mortals have with murder mysteries is, in part, an innate desire to know the truth about those things which are of greatest importance to us: life and death. It doesn’t matter that we are generally speaking of fiction, untwisting matters and arriving at the truth is simply satisfying.

And, that leads me to the purpose for this blog: to showcase truth. And yes, I understand that we cannot know everything for certain. However, there are many things we can know.

There is a Truth that can set us free. He’s the Way, the Truth and the Life. But lesser truths can help to keep us mortals free in the here and now.

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